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Past Concept and EVG 3D Application: 

Oasis West Dallas

Visionary Affordable Community

Using intentional planning and intelligent design, along with modern

technology, OASIS West Dallas neighborhoods can enjoy amenities and resources that foster a sense of place and empower the communities.

           Connecticut                    South Carolina   

Sample EVG 3D Panel
Sample Emmedue M2 3D Panel

Past International EVG 3D Projects


Additional EVG/M2 3D and Shotcrete Videos on YouTube @ American Concrete Homes, LLC

Building an EVG 3D Villa in Ajman 

How to build a 3,000 square foot disaster proof home or building in less that 20 days.

How to build a EVG 3D Home

Demonstration of how to build 3D Concrete Homes and Buildings.

Augusta Square Mall

EVG 3D Construction Building Newark Deleware 

Car VS Home

Dropping a vehicle onto a concrete home 65ft in air.

EVG 3D Panel Earthquake Test Magnitude 9 

Simulated earthquake test in Kazakhstan.

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