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The 3D EVG/M2 Construction System is a cost-efficient construction method based on industry prefabricated 3D EVG/M2 Panels. The 3D Panels consist of an EPS core with a thickness ranging from 50-100 mm sandwiched between two plane-parallel welded wire mire sheets (cover meshes) and inclined diagonal galvanized wires in between that go through the EPS core and that are welded to cover mesh's line wires then covered with field applied Dry Process Shotcrete. This results are a light-weight, three dimensional truss system with a high inherent stiffness.


Additional EVG/M2 3D Panel Benefits:

 Infloor Radiant Heating System

Key Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

  • Concentrates heat evenly near the floor where people are located
  • Eliminates cold drafts as well as noisy fans, furnaces and ductwork
  • Healthy; no dirt, dust or other airborne pollutants throughout a home
  • Aesthetically pleasing; eliminates ducts and vents
  • Easily integrates with alternative energy sources, including geothermal, solar, waste and biomass
  • Can help a home earn LEED points for a reduced energy consumption
  • Potentially saves up to 40% in energy costs    

EVG/M2 3D Panel Strength Characteristics 


EVG/M2 3D Panel Ballistic Rating


EVG/M2 3D Panel Test Approvals 

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